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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

The greatest environmental hazard to children is lead poisoning.  Lead poisoning is caused by deteriorated lead based paint in the form of chips or dust.  Household "dust" in older homes often contains lead from paint.  Young children get this "dust" on their hands then put their fingers into their mouth or the "dust" gets on their finger foods or toys.  Young children can also become lead poisoned by chewing on a surface that is painted with lead paint (window sills).  Due to the sweetness of the paint they may continue to chew on the surface.

Lead paint is in home that were built before 1978.  In Iowa, 51% of our homes were built before 1960.  Home inspections provided under this program are donw only on home where a lead poisoned child lives.  A Certified Elevated Blood Lead Risk Assessor/Inspector will complete the inspection.

Lead poisoning is often present without symptoms.  It can only be determined with a blood test.  All children should be tested as 1-year of age, and more frequently, depending on risk.  This can be done at the doctor's office or at one of the Lee County Health Department's Immunizations Clinics.  Children who are lead poisoned often have learning disabilities resulting in difficulties in school.

All children entering Kindergarten in Iowa are now required to have had at least one lead test.


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