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Dental Wellness Plan

As a result of the widespread need for dental care among the age groups 19-64, the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan has been expanded to include dental benefits.  LCHD has received funding from Delta Dental of Iowa for the implementation of a coordination and referral program.  A Dental Wellness Plan Coordinator will help ensure that newly eligible members of the Dental Wellness Plan:

  • Find a dentist
  • Understand their dental benefits
  • Know the imprtance of continued oral health care.

The Dental Wellness Plan is a new approach to dental insurance which offers an earned method of receiving dental benefits.  The earned benefits rewards members for positive behaviors and practicing preventive care.  Specifically, members earn more benefits by following their dentists' recommended treatment plans, going back to the dentist for follow up appointments, and exams every 6-12 months.

The population receiving the Dental Wellness Plan benefits have not in the past had access to dental care through Medicaid.  These benefits are designed to ensure members have a dental home and have access to comprehensive care while also providing emergency and stabilization services.  The Dental Wellness Plan Coordinator will work to ensure members of their plan benefits in Davis, Des Moines, Jefferson, Lee, and Van Buren counties.


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For more information on the above program please contact:

Dental Wellness Plan Coordinator

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