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Environmental Services is responsible for issuing permits and conducting inspections for the installation of private sewer systems and holding tanks in Lee County.   

2016 Sewer Permit Updates

  • Sewer permit fees in Lee County have increased to $500, effective immediately.
  • Applications for a sewer permit must be completed in full with a 911 address and submitted to LCHD with payment for approval. Once the application is approved, a copy will be given to the homeowner. The homeowner may then give the approved permit to the contractor of their choice.
  • Contractors must notify LCHD 3 business days prior to installation of a system with the property owner's name and address. No work is to commence without an approved application. 
  • Retail dealers delivering tanks must call LCHD the day of delivery.


Helpful Forms and Resources

Sewer Application

Holding Tank Application

Private Sewage Disposal System Handbook

Percolation Test Results Form

Time of Transfer Inspectors

Fee Schedule 

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