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If your family is drinking from your own private water well, do you know how safe the water is to drink?  The Iowa Department of Public Health oversees the Grants to Counties (GTC) Water Well Program which provides funds to local health departments to provide free water well testing.  Testing includes total coliform bacteria, E. Coli, and nitrates.

Tests are conducted by LCHD staff on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week to give the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory time to conduct the testing.  Results are forwarded to the home owner.

For additional water quality well tests contact:
University Hygienic Laboratory

  Testing of Your Drinking Water

  Understanding Your Water Test Results

Private Well Testing and Plugging


Lee County Health Department Environmental Services provides private well testing for total coliform bacteria, E. Coli, nitrates, and arsenic. LCHD also has funds available for the proper plugging of abandoned wells and cisterns.  

Well and Cistern Plugging

Abandoned wells can be a potential source for groundwater contamination, as well as a physical hazard. Through the Grants-to-Counties program funded by the Groundwater Protection Act, there are funds available for the plugging of abandoned wells and cisterns in the form of a reimbursement. Up to $500 is available for plugging a well and $300 for plugging a cistern.

Rules and regulations on plugging wells can be found on the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website

Contact Environmental Services for more information on plugging a well or cistern.