Contact Us

#3 John Bennett Drive
PO Box 1426
Fort Madison, IA 52627
Toll Free:......800.458.6672

Our Vision

Promoting health throughout the lifespan

Our Mission

To Touch the Community with Care

Functioning as a community-based service system providing promotion of physical, social, emotional and spiritual health; prevention of disease; and provision of care to the public.

And by
Collaborating and coordinating with other social, service and health organizations in assessment of the community, development of programs to meet those needs, implementing and evaluating those programs.

Our Cole Values

Leadership...lead and model with diversity throughout our agency and the entire community.

Collaboration...promote cooperation and innovation among employees and community partners to work together to achieve community goals.

Health...inspire responsibility for health and wellness, and promote disease prevention.

Dedication...loyal, faithful and professional team devoted to providing high quality, compassionate services to all communities we serve.

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